Why does Iran make accusations against Israel and the West?

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Mahmoud Ahmadinajed did it once again. Less than two weeks ago, the Iranian leader upset world leaders while giving a speech at the United Nations, prompting walkouts by several pro-US and pro-Israel delegations. His insult: pointing the finger at Western powers and presenting a prolonged litany of accusations against Israel and its Zionist leaders' influence in 9-11, and making complaints concerning the "unprovoked" attacks on Afghanistan and Iraq. He then went off on a tangent and began to criticize the US's use of the atomic bomb during World War II, and the history of Western involvement in the slave trade.Certainly on each of these points one can make a valid argument involving diplomatic failures, bad policies, and international law. However, contrary to many Iranian sympathizers and conspiracists, the answer to the delegations' decision to get up and leave is far more mundane. Since Ahmadinajed came into power six years ago, he has never missed an opportunity to vocalize his distrust of the West and spell out the historical reasons why.

Iranians, Arabs, and Muslims around the world who feel solidarity with the Palestinians love him for his assertiveness and blunt indictment of Israel and her allies. By continuously blaming the US and Israel for everything that happens in the world, the Ahmadinajed can keep his approval ratings up (though that is relative), and situate himself in a position of being the unofficial spokesman of the Muslim underdogs of world who believe they are the victims of a world-wide Zionist conspiracy. You can't blame him; since the Iranian Revolution and the preaching of Ayatollah Khomeini, the Iranian people have been convinced the Mahdi already lives in their lifetime, in Iran, and he will establish peace and justice upon the earth by squashing anything anti-Islamic. Many Iranians believe Ahmadinajed IS the Mahdi. After six years, the world is simply tired of hearing it.To make the Iranian leader's nagging even more irritating to UN delegates is the double-standard and blatant hypocrisy of a Muslim leader who can see everything wrong with everyone else, but is completely blind to his own country's collusion and injustices. While expressing doubts about the official story behind 9-11 and claiming it is Western propaganda against Islam, he conveniently forgets about his own country's proxy war against Israel via the social, political, and military jihad of Hezbollah throughout the Levant.

He bemoans Western dislike of Muslims and the inequality between Muslims and non-Muslims in western countries, but appears completely oblivious to Iran's persecution and slaughter of Baha'is and Christians. He abhors how women are treated as sexual objects in the West, yet there is little justice for rape victims in his own country and the most prolific procurers of prostitution in Iran are government officials and religious leaders.

One of the most absurd examples of Iranian double-standards is his continuous accusations against Israel regarding the lack of justice for all the innocent Palestinian children who are maimed or killed each year in Israel. If he was so concerned about the health and safety of children, what was he doing during the Iran-Iraq war almost 25 years ago when Iranian troops used children as human shields? How does he justify his rhetoric against destroying all of Israel, which inevitably includes children.

Innocent people everywhere should be protected from violence, not just those who are politically convenient and easy to use as poster children for yet another propaganda campaign.

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